ITFS: Birdboy, eyeballs and lots of virtual blood.

Yesterday was the start of the 18. Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (ITFS). At the opening the first nine short movies of the international competition were shown and I was there. Too bad if you missed it, but don’t despair: I googled the web for Trailers or whole videos of the first night:

The external world

“The external world” , David o’Reilly won a lot of prizes. Lots of weirdness and digital blood, oldschool graphics, trashy rendered. A true digital Horrorland. In short: a great small film. Here you can see the whole movie:


“Pixels”,  Patrick Jean: 8-Bit attack on the tangible world, in this case New York. Guess who looses.

Nullarbor“, Alister Lockhart und Patrick Sarell: Two men, two cars and an endless desert road. They act like they all do: Showing off, nonverbal communication, breaking stuff etc.

Black Swan

“Black Swan”,  Guy Harlap: Lots of colors, shapes and patterns swirl to the beat of Thom Yorks Song “Black Swan”.

Trailer von Birdboy

“Birdboy” von Pedro Rivero und Alberto Vasquez. Birdboy and Little Dinki love each other. But, as facebook would say: it’s complicated.

Hand of God

“Hand of God”, Rune Eriksson: The truth behind the hand of god. 

The Origin of Creatures“, Floris Kaayk: In a post-apocalyptic world human spare parts build a babelesque tower.

Overnight Stay bei Youtube

„Overnight Stay“, Daniela Sherer (Israel): An old women tells her story of a heartwarming night in 1941.

Die Kiste“, Kyra Buschor (Deutschland): Three frogs debate about a box yet unopened.


Author: Dora Asemwald

Ich bin virtuell real.

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