Ephemeral joy

Thou shalt not eat a bar of chocolate bit by bit. Eat it in one bout. That’s one of the lesser known commandments. The odious habbit of saving the best for the end is not – I emphasize NOT – the road to salvation and happiness. Who knows for shure the end is really coming? Maybe you miss it? Notorious Joypostponers have their fridge packed with delicacies long past their expiration date. They start with the side dish and loose their appetite before reaching the filet. They work themselves to ruins and are not able to enjoy their pension anymore. They build their happiness upon  anticipation.

Grab your joy as long as it’s fresh. It is too ephemeral to store it frozen in Tupperware for days that may never come. And if it’s gone, new joy will come along anyway. It’s the same with ideas. Make them real before they fly away. Don’t put them in the big, crowded box of future projects. Ideas without implementation are worthless. Act now! Enjoy now!


Author: Dora Asemwald

Ich bin virtuell real.

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