Virtual travel agency

Travelling is fun, costs money, time and kerosine, if you plan to go long distance. That’s why I like to travell virtually, via Google Earth. To make things more exciting, I let chance be my travel companion. Using Google Earth, I zoom out so I can see the world in its completeness.



Now I push the world real, real fast in one direction and let it turn. It is important, though, that I set up Google Earth to not slow down the rotation. (Sorry for only having a sreenshot in german)


Once the world is spinning, take your mouse to the middle of the screen, close your eyes and wait for your intuition to tell you to go for it: click, zoom in as close and possible, et voilà: you have reaches your destination! Open your eyes and start to explore your surroundings. Well, at least if you didn’t hit the sea, wich will happen 71 times out of 100 trials. Just start all over again until you hit ground.


My first try ended up wet, but my second try is successful! Inner Mongolia, Gobi Desert. Luckily I land near a track north of the city of Erenhot. The Trans-Mongolian Railway passes the border between China and Mongolia. Here the bogies of the trains are changed, since Mongolian and Chinese rails have a different gauge.

Dinosaur bones have been found in Erenhot causing a veritable dino-craze. The city is packed with models of these giant reptiles. The highlight: a bridge of two dinos kissing above a street (photo: Phil MacDonald).

My advice: Go on your own virtual vacation with google earth! Take some screenshots and post them as postcards to your favorite platform. Add something about the place, invent some awesome memories of the place. Maybe it isn’t as cool as being there yourself, but it saves money and time and is good for the environment.



Author: Dora Asemwald

Ich bin virtuell real.

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