Virtual travel agency

Travelling is fun, costs money, time and kerosine, if you plan to go long distance. That’s why I like to travell virtually, via Google Earth. To make things more exciting, I let chance be my travel companion. Using Google Earth, I zoom out so I can see the world in its completeness.



Now I push the world real, real fast in one direction and let it turn. It is important, though, that I set up Google Earth to not slow down the rotation. (Sorry for only having a sreenshot in german)


Once the world is spinning, take your mouse to the middle of the screen, close your eyes and wait for your intuition to tell you to go for it: click, zoom in as close and possible, et voilà: you have reaches your destination! Open your eyes and start to explore your surroundings. Well, at least if you didn’t hit the sea, wich will happen 71 times out of 100 trials. Just start all over again until you hit ground.


My first try ended up wet, but my second try is successful! Inner Mongolia, Gobi Desert. Luckily I land near a track north of the city of Erenhot. The Trans-Mongolian Railway passes the border between China and Mongolia. Here the bogies of the trains are changed, since Mongolian and Chinese rails have a different gauge.

Dinosaur bones have been found in Erenhot causing a veritable dino-craze. The city is packed with models of these giant reptiles. The highlight: a bridge of two dinos kissing above a street (photo: Phil MacDonald).

My advice: Go on your own virtual vacation with google earth! Take some screenshots and post them as postcards to your favorite platform. Add something about the place, invent some awesome memories of the place. Maybe it isn’t as cool as being there yourself, but it saves money and time and is good for the environment.



Oxymoron prêt à porter

Being virtual has its advantages: I can wear any clothes my illustrator is able to draw. Each piece is unique. Fashion for tangible people can be custom as well, but that’s expensive. Individualized mass production is more then just an oxymoron. Designers are working for some time on the topic of mass customization. You can see it in all the configurators web shops have to offer, anything from cars to furniture. Fashion is still at an experimental stage, but I love experiments! One such experiment is conducted by Jenna Fizel and Mary Haung of Continuum Fashion from New York. You can draw your dress on the screen. Your design is divided up into small triangles which are cut out by laser or plotter and sewn together for your self-designed, futuristic piece of couture.

The designer sets the parameters and rules with which the customer can design something himself. The result is individual but still alike to other custom pieces. Designers who like to dictate every little detail in their work won’t like it.


It is a great challenge to give away control of part of the process of design. It matches the way people define their identity between belonging to something and being individual at the same time.

Not as individual, but manufactured futuristicaly: the N21 Bikini. It’s produced in one piece by a 3d-printer. The solid Nylon 12 it is made of is strong and flexible. The printing process is able to create structures impossible to be made out of thread.

You can get your personal bikini produced at, but it’s still expensive. Individual production is smart. You don’t have to produce heaps of clothing in all sizes. You can produce on demand, piece by piece. I don’t want to know how many clothes never been worn go to waste each year. Besides reduced use of ressources another advantage is that you don’t need any large production sites. You can produce and deliver locally on demand.  Short transit, low cost of storage and no child labor offer great advantages.

These concepts are still in their early stages, but there is great potential. And in this case, they even look pretty hot! I am glad I can get myself drawn into these clothes.


(photo: Ariel Efron, model: Bojana Draskovic, partly dorified)

Ephemeral joy

Thou shalt not eat a bar of chocolate bit by bit. Eat it in one bout. That’s one of the lesser known commandments. The odious habbit of saving the best for the end is not – I emphasize NOT – the road to salvation and happiness. Who knows for shure the end is really coming? Maybe you miss it? Notorious Joypostponers have their fridge packed with delicacies long past their expiration date. They start with the side dish and loose their appetite before reaching the filet. They work themselves to ruins and are not able to enjoy their pension anymore. They build their happiness upon  anticipation.

Grab your joy as long as it’s fresh. It is too ephemeral to store it frozen in Tupperware for days that may never come. And if it’s gone, new joy will come along anyway. It’s the same with ideas. Make them real before they fly away. Don’t put them in the big, crowded box of future projects. Ideas without implementation are worthless. Act now! Enjoy now!

Golden bird of cognition

New Shirt:  “Der goldene Vogel der Erkenntnis”.  Sounds strange, even if translated: „The golden bird of Cognition“. It is inspired by Humberto Maturana and dedicated to Dagi, who taught me the technique of joy without reason.

Goldener Vogel der Erkenntnis, Long-cut, form-fitting t-shirt with v-neck for women, 100% cotton, Brand: Continental Clothing , €21,-

Unreasonably happy

I am happy. For no reason. That’s just fine, since reasons can be pulled away beneath your feet like a carpet. There should only be reasons for unhappiness. You can get rid of them.

Reason is overrated anyway, it won’t take you very far and it doesn’t promote happiness on its own. The search for reason behind the unreasonable is actually a source of constant frustration. Sometimes it’s just fine to let go and enjoy life as it comes.

Doric Thought Exchange

I survived a first own exhibition. I made a movie stop-motioning about 8 hours to a couple of minutes.

I captured my thoughts on more then 500 post-its and plastered the walls of the 16 squaremeter room. People who liked a thought could exchange it for one of their own thoughts, written on differently colored post-its. The exchange of thoughts transmorphed the room throughout the night. Watch the movie in HD, it’s  better.


WordPress has challenged me! Each day a post. I take on the challenge, even though I have planned the same thing many times in vain. But past failures come in all to handy as pretext for not trying in the future. Better to promise to much than not trying at all. And if I fail, at least I had the enthusiasm of the beginning. I will not be able to post an english article every day, so you better understand german as I’ll go for the daily challenge in the german version of this blog:

Failure is feared like a three headed zombosaurus with rabies. Maybe you shouldn’t only post each day but fail on a daily basis as well! There is always something to fail in, even if its just something tiny. Of course you shouldn’t fail on purpose. It’s only valid if you really tried to accomplish something. Otherwise it’s a paradoxical trap: If you accomplish to fail, you don’t.

I call out an initiative: Failaday2011 or for wimps: Failweek2011. Where did I fail today? I tried to picture myself in a 3D-modeller. The Software was mischievous, I didn’t get it and I had no patience. I’ll will fail a couple more time in this endeavor.