Doric Thought Exchange

I survived a first own exhibition. I made a movie stop-motioning about 8 hours to a couple of minutes.

I captured my thoughts on more then 500 post-its and plastered the walls of the 16 squaremeter room. People who liked a thought could exchange it for one of their own thoughts, written on differently colored post-its. The exchange of thoughts transmorphed the room throughout the night. Watch the movie in HD, it’s  better.


Death, devil and evil in general

Four men standing in the fog. Lightning strikes through the milky air. Infernal noise fills the room. Drums, like a washing machine running amok, filled with scrap metal shake the bodies of the damned. Cats scream like being skinned alive. That’s how guitars sound while a sinister looking guy sings songs about death, devil and evil in general. The audience screams along, jumps about and is happy. That’s heavy metal. More precisely: That’s Slayer.

In my youth metalheads made me suspicious. Their aggresive, beersoaked nature didn’t go well with the cultivated weltschmerz of my gothic new wave life stile. At least I was not into popmusic – that counted a lot in the eighties. The insecurity of youth didn’t allow journeys into the fields I call home today. Heavy metal had to come out of the deepest pits of underground and get lost in uncounted facettes of crossover to get cherished  by me. I was glad that some of the pioneers who kicked rock music’s ass 30 years ago where still around. The great heroes of the uncompromising are definitely Slayer who never got tamed like their colleges from Metallica. Therefore you don’t have to visit a stadium to see them, you can experience then in cozy places like the Volkshaus in Zurich.

In front of the old building right in the middle of Zurich the audience gathers. Black clad guys with all lengths of hair – as a girl I belong to a minority – make me wonder how many of them dressed up for the event and who walks through life in their sticker clad frocks, taking their high priest of evil look seriously. Some bankers didn’t get around to dress up after work. Heavy metal has become socially acceptable, the former headbangers have become established, traded their frock with a business suit.

I am enthused by the badges on the old denim vests, cluttered with obscure lettering of pertinent bands, pentagrams, monsters, satanistica and the like. A subcultural code I can hardly decipher, showing what bands are liked and the alleged lack of fear of death and devil.

The hall of the Volkshaus is small but packed, opener Megadeth, themselves a legend, kick off the evening. From a metal point of view they are silent, I don’t even need the earplugs provided at the entrance. Solidly they play their greatest hits of the eighties and early nineties, the audience sings along, standing around rooted to the floor. The spirit of metal has not yet rissen.

The pack is going wild as Slayer enters the stage. One classic hunts the other, in unknown quality. No wonder: guitar player Jeff Hannemann has been replaced because of sickness. His performance the years before was rather sluggish. Gary Holt from Exodus tortures the guitar like your’re used from the albums. As they start to play „Raining Blood“ – most consequent and therefore best metal song ever – flashes jolt through my body writhing to the rhythm of the drums.  I scream away all the evil I have accumulated on my soul since my last concert by Slayer. Peacefully and refined I return home.


WordPress has challenged me! Each day a post. I take on the challenge, even though I have planned the same thing many times in vain. But past failures come in all to handy as pretext for not trying in the future. Better to promise to much than not trying at all. And if I fail, at least I had the enthusiasm of the beginning. I will not be able to post an english article every day, so you better understand german as I’ll go for the daily challenge in the german version of this blog:

Failure is feared like a three headed zombosaurus with rabies. Maybe you shouldn’t only post each day but fail on a daily basis as well! There is always something to fail in, even if its just something tiny. Of course you shouldn’t fail on purpose. It’s only valid if you really tried to accomplish something. Otherwise it’s a paradoxical trap: If you accomplish to fail, you don’t.

I call out an initiative: Failaday2011 or for wimps: Failweek2011. Where did I fail today? I tried to picture myself in a 3D-modeller. The Software was mischievous, I didn’t get it and I had no patience. I’ll will fail a couple more time in this endeavor.

A place for birds

I like shirt, I design and sell them. Or I’m planning to do it. My onlineshop has yet to be built, I don’t even know what to call it. I like to talk about unlaid eggs because I hope they come out faster that way.

Talking about eggs: Laurent et Septime, a friend of mine who is a Doppelkopfvogel (doubleheaded bird) supports my shirting. We started a collection of new shirts together wich was discover by fashion designer Judith Schöntag (link). She ordered a shirt and got someone to take pictures.

I love the pictures. Septime, the upper half of the bird told me:

A Shirt
A place for birds
On tangible skin
To twitter in your mind

There is more to come, I’ll keep you up to date. There is even a virtual version I am wearing:

A Shirt
A place for birds
On virtual skin
To twitter in your mind

Believe, truth and the god of sausage

One of my articles (havn’t translated it yet, but for now it doesn’t matter) I started a big discussion wich drifted off into religious dispute. There are religious and atheist people discussing. This diversity makes me happy even though the polemics that surface here are destructive. In discussions like this it’s not easy for me to take up a position because that contradicts my own believe.

Reality is individual. Everything you believe in is true in your reality.

That’s how easy it is. So what happens if two individuals of different believe claim to be the owner of the one and only truth? This leads inevitable to a paradox. That is if you believe there is only one common reality. But both are right. In their individual reality. There is no common reality. Of course their realities are linked. If I punch your nose in my reality it will bleed in yours. If I go to hell for it in your reality, it doesn’t have to happen in mine. If believers would accept that, they would have no more reason to fight with believers of another kind. I think it’s impertinent to push your own view of the world upon others.

All we can imagine exists.

It exists in our imagination. Existence is not limited to materiel things. An atheist can deny the material existence in his own universe, but he can not negate the gods in other peoples heads. All that we perceive as our world is a vague interpretation of all our impressions that converge in our heads.  Our brain is not good in distinguishing between impressions from the outside and our imagination. Our autobiographic department writes history after its own liking. Don’t forget: Each one of us has his own individually coined perception, interpretation and therefore his own account of history. Who believes in a common truth believes as well that his own history is congruent and therefore doesn’t accept any other interpretations.  That would question their own truth and thus threaten the fragile house of cards of their self. If you accept that you are not the owner of the truth you will be able to accept other people and points of view more easily.

Dangerous are those with a lack of abstract thinking that are not able or willing to encompass the manyfold of realities and suffer from low self-esteem. These are the ingredient of intolerance, source of fighting and war.

The intersection of all truths is what we call reality. It is a social agreement on commonly perceived entities. It is the consensus upon which the rules of social systems are based. (Dear sociologists, please excuse my lax use of the terms of your trade, I am just trying to understand the world out of my layman point of view). Such rules are essential for living together in a society but have to be adapted to social drift. What is considered to be truth today doesn’t necessarily have to be tomorrow.

One whish from Misses Asemwald: It would be nice if we wouldn’t always take our truths so seriously.

Maybe now it’s evident why I am often not able to take up a position in religious debates. I accept a lot. What I can criticize though are the  actions of others. Each one must take responsibility for his own action no matter if it was motivated by any religious motive. And if any church calls for hostile action it shall not be judged differently than any other person doing it out of more mundane reasons.

As long as everyone act responsible towards his environment he may believe in the easter bunny as the reincarnation of the god of sausage. But please accept that the god of sausage can kiss my behind and that I think he is a real moron.

PS: For all those doubting my existence: I believe that I exist. Therefore I exist. At least in my own reality. As long as other people believe in me I exist in their heads.

Hello non-german speaking World!

First off: I am virtual. No physical body, no chance to meet me in person. You don’t like it? Click somewhere else. You don’t mind that? Go on and find out more about me. But don’t complain I tricked you into believing I exist in the material world.

Even though virtuality knows no boundary I am based in Stuttgart, Germany. German is my native tongue as are most text by or about me. This blog tries to summarize some of it in English. If you speak german you’ll probably be better off here: I hope you’ll excuse my linguistic awkwardness, maybe you’ll even come to like it. A lot of things I write about come out of my krautish point of view, you might even get some insights in German way of living.

Sometimes I construct new words whose meaning might become apparent in their context. If you don’t understand me but your curiosity keeps gnawing at you, just ask. That’s what comments are for.

I hope you enjoy taking part in my virtual life!


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